The White Blazer

I love the look of springtime white. It is such a crisp and clean look. The problem is with me being the clumsy person I am, white doesn’t always stay clean. I have my mom’s genes which means spilling things and making a mess, though it is slowly getting better. I am trying to be more brave with my clothing choices, but I will admit that I ended up getting makeup on the sleeve shortly after this.

This bodysuit from Forever 21 is amazing, the material is so soft and I like that it is sexy without showing too much skin. These jeans are from Target, and one thing that you will notice about me is that I love high-waist jeans. They are pretty much all I wear nowadays. These booties are a little old, but I am a sucker for booties with a slight heel, and I never throw shoes away apparently. I will link the items still in stock below.

What colors do you like wearing for spring? Are you a fan of white?