I really like Aldo’s shoes. I find them comfortable and they have lots of options of heels. One of the problems I find with that they only have a good selection with heels and bags, but I don’t always like their sandal selection. Also I find that with sales I don’t spending the money, especially with classic styles. Without sales, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on shoes that I would only wear once.

I love the pieces that Express has for women. They are classic and trendy at the same time, and they have a good rewards program. The sizing seems to be consistent to me, and the fit and quality is usually really good. I also love the accessories here. Being in the service industry means that I don’t get to shop there as much as I would like because I don’t have any place to wear business and business casual pieces.

I really like the styles that are on this website. I do find them a little pricey though. The things that I bought that fit are amazing, but I do find their sizing to be weird and inconsistent. Only some of the items fit here and because of that I usually only buy sale items.

I think this store is great for cheap clothes that are trendy but not something that you will wear forever. The clothes here are great for statement outfits in situations where you might only wear them once. I like that because I can try out a style or outfit and not feel as committed to liking it as I would if I spent more on it. The downside is that the sizing is sometimes off, and the stores are really stressful to shop in. I absolutely prefer to shop online at this store.

I really like this site because they are always having sales. Some of the stuff is a little too revealing for what I’m usually doing, but the stuff is inexpensive, and allows me to try trends. I really like the bottoms since they are made for girls who are curvy. The stuff isn’t always the best quality but I still like it.